Kundalini yoga is a specific yoga practice in which many particularities are involved. It is a spiritual discipline which lets the development of character, strength and consciousness. The people who do Kundalini yoga meditate and their bodies generate a power. We know, yoga is a system of continuous practice and only practice leads to become perfect at it. Yoga lets the soul stay calm and understand the divine consciousness. There are many chakras involved in Kundalini yoga. When we do this kind of yoga, we gain Kundalini shakti (power) that helps us to refrain the mind from worldly tensions and falsehood. After adopting a Kundalini yoga practice, our mind starts working in a better and creative way. It is often said, Kundalini yoga is an emotional experience. It stimulates the mind’s energy to become positively receptive towards knowledge. Through deep meditation and continuous practice, it lets us unwind the body and mind from depressions.