I will do everything I can to own that Toyota Camry in Lakeville that I saw recently. I am confident that no one will underestimate this small but very beautiful car. Its may not look big compared to other cars of this type, but it is spacious enough for me so that’s all that matters. I love that the seats are upholstered by genuine leather with the same color of the body and that it can accommodate 5 persons including the driver. During summer or winter seasons, the silent but efficient air conditioning unit is said to supply the needed temperature inside the car. I have the option to choose either an automatic transmission system, or a manual one. The car is equipped with power steering (for easy driving and handling), power windows and lock (to keep me safe at all times). All standard safety features are pre-installed like air bags, safety belts and adjustable head rests. Needless to say, this Camry is the perfect car for me.