Above: standard fitment & extremely attractive NC II Fairlane GHIAA well-maintained is not only a pre requisite to safe driving it is also the best way to find cheap car insurance. If the car is running in the right condition the trip is almost sure to be trouble free. Professional car maintenance is expensive but is worth it. However, aside from the regular professional maintenance, the driver should also perform simple car maintenance check more frequently. To just wait for the next maintenance schedule without any check in between in risky because like other machines, many things can happen to the various parts. Set a schedule to check the following regularly:

-Are the windscreen wipers, windscreen washers and lights working?

- Are all fluids in the correct levels? Check coolant, transmission fluid, engine oil and power steering fluid.

- Are tyre pressures according to requirement specified in the car manual? Are the tyre’s tread depths still within requirements?

If you are taking a long trip check these items before leaving.