Pep-Boys was founded in 1921 by 3 men, and only $800 in their pockets to start a business, and look at it now, a multimillion dollar corporation that has succeeded, and only continues to grow and get bigger, and better, with nearly 600+ locations around the world. The original name of this company was Pep Auto Sales, but was later changed by the advice of a local police officer.

Depending upon experience, there are many jobs that could fit each person’s qualifications. Employees are also offered employee discounts that are pretty substantial. It seems that all companies these days and times are going completely away from the paper form of applying for a job. Everything is done electronically, from searching for certain products for prices and comparison, to contact information. Everything is done virtually because it is fast, and you can get instant results. You can even apply for credit cards and get your approval within seconds.

Pep-Boys no longer provide paper applications. Hours of operation differ depending on location. Part time and full time work is available for employment. You have to be at least 18 years of age in order to apply for any job that Pep-Boys offers. There are many available jobs that are open.