Like metamorphosis, fashion also undergoes phases. And men’s wear is not exception to that metaphorical phase. Since the earliest century when humans developed a thing called fashion, the phase has become a question of will fashion ever cease? If not, when will be the next phase? Well, we may not have the answer to that question yet but what I will relate on this article is about men’s wear.

Searching through the internet about men’s wear, I was surprised to see hits coming from Lyle and Scott, Henri Lloyd, and Moncler Clothing. Not only are these sophisticated clothing lines that primarily cater to men’s fashion sense, but they are as highly competitive as far as fashion sense goes. Unlike women’s wear, the male counterpart’s ready-to-wears doesn’t involve pricey scarves, or accessories that’s ridiculously designed that a woman who wears it would look like a mutant fowl gone astray. The term “dressing well” doesn’t only cater to the female side of the population. Male and female always get to have a share of the fashion industry’s weirdness, uniqueness, and style.