Gold & Bullion Coins - French 1710 RARE GOLD COIN !!!! was listed for ...If you are an investor, do you worry about how gold will perform in the future? Some people buy gold every month and keep it until a rainy day. How to buy gold for investment is on everybody’s minds these days, and Doug Casey, who is an international invester, entrepreneur and economist, has been providing tips and advice on investing for sophisticated investors for decades. His advice about how to buy gold for investment is to stay away from rare collector coins. He buys bullion coins, and American Eagles are recognized and accepted bullion coins in the world. As an investor expert he will tell you that these coins should be the cornerstone of your precious metals holdings. Krugerrands and the Austrian Philharmonic are also good bullion coins to invest in. Doug Casey reckons that if you follow his advice on how to buy gold for investment, you’ll be miles ahead of other investors.