Introductory material to NYP Business Services' counselling 
is not published on website. You can order it by mail.

In the introductory material there are some preliminary questions to an entrepreneur to come
about business idea, customers, competition, marketing, product/service etc.
By answering the questions as far as possible you can speed up counselling process. 
On the basis of these questions you can also write down your detailed business plan.

Especially the numerical data is essential to think over and fill in before coming to counselling. 
Based on these figures we are able to make profitability and financial calculations
to test your idea's possibilities to succeed. With these calculations you can get
appendices to applications of Start up -money or Finnvera loan if needed. 

All information is confidential!

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Write your name and address, where we can send the material.

Tell also your phone number, if you want to be contacted
to make an appoinment to counselling.

Please tell something about your planned business idea.
Short description is enough as a preliminary information to the advisor. 
You can give more detailed information in the counselling meeting.

Updated: 18.02.04