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Entrepreneurial Training Course
for Immigrants 
(8th course)

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AG00092_.GIF (502 bytes) Next Entrepreneurial Training Course aimed especially for Immigrants starts in autumn 2005.  
Application to the course is not yet on, will be informed later!

Course information is also in www.mol.fi -webpages and in Uudenmaan Työ & Koulutus- periodical. Look for also our advertising in local papers (Alueuutiset, Uutislehti 100 and Metro).
Application to the course is through employment office. 
You can also apply by internet in www.mol.fi/Tyovoimapalvelut/Kurssit/ -webpages. 
Course number is informed later.
Some explanation is needed to supply why applicant is interested in the course and what kind of  the business idea he/she have been contemplating. Further information about applying and benefits during the course from employment office or Jobline tel. 0203 66066.
First check is made together with the employment office, rest of the applicants are interviewed in NYP. The preference is given to those who benefit most of the course and who have a solid business idea.Start of the page

General information:                                                                            

IEntrepreneurial Training Course for Immigrants is labour market training for the unemployed and is organized together with the Employment and Economic Development Centre. Target group is immigrants living in the Helsinki metropolitan area, who are interested in establishing company. Goal is to make Finnish business culture better known and generally clarify matters connected to establishing own business and doing business in Finland.

In the course Finnish is the first and main language, but important key terms can be explained in English or Russian if necessary. So sufficient knowledge in Finnish language is needed, at least level 3. During the course every course participant has also his/hers own personal business advisor, who can help further. Participants can confidentially turn to their own advisor also after the course when needed.

Course topics:

  • To be an entrepreneur in Finland
  • Public performing and negotiation skills
  • Different forms of companies
  • Business idea as basis for business planning
  • Development of business idea
  • Marketing and personal sales skills
  • Basic financial matters
  • Taxation
  • Legal issues of a small company
  • Business Plan (written & presentation)
  • Practical establishing issues

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Those course participants who are really interested in starting their own business, can apply to NYP's Basic Course for Entrepreneurs, in which establishing matters are studied in further detail. After its theory part, course members can concentrate in establishing their own firm.


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NYP Business Services'
Basic Entrepreneurship course for Immigrants
offers you unique opportunity
if you are interested in starting own business!

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