Gooseberry is that kind of fruit that does not get much notoriety. They are a species of Ribes with origins in Europe. They are successfully cultivated in cool areas with humid summers and cold winters. Sometimes wild species are hard to distinguish from the feral ones. Known to be used mostly in deserts lie pies, fools and crumbles, gooseberries are often used for beverages like soda or flavored milk. Another great usage of these berries is in fruit wines and teas. Like most other fruits they can also be kept and sold as jam or dried fruit. Gooseberries grow in the form of a strangling bush, known to reach up to 10 feet tall. The wild fruit is smaller than the cultivated varieties but has a stronger, better flavor. The European variety is bigger that the one cultivated in America. Market demand for the American variety is known to be stagnant while the European ones seem to increase.