The pestle is an important kitchen tool that can aid you in smashing and grinding and crushing and mixing solids. It performs in partnership with a bowl called mortar, which carries the food being worked on. Like other kitchen gadgets, the mortar and pestle come in different sizes.

The regular size of a pestle that is widely used in homes has a length of 5 inches. Some are slightly longer, providing an option for cooks everywhere.

Aside from the pestle dimensions, there are other factors that are far more important to consider when buying this tool. You have to realize that it is not about the size but the weight f the pestle that matters in performing its duty. The heavier and sturdier the material used in making the pestle, the more effective it would be in crushing ingredients. Pestles can be made of wood or granite. You can choose the kind of material you are comfortable working with while considering its price as well.