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AG00092_.GIF (502 bytes) 20th Basic Course in Entrepreneurship starts in march 2005Application to the course is already on, last application date is 18th of February.
Course information is also in www.mol.fi -webpages and in Uudenmaan Työ & Koulutus- periodical. Look for also our advertising in local papers (Alueuutiset, Uutislehti 100 and Metro).
Basic Course in Entrepreneurship is labour market training for the unemployed and is organized together with the Helsinki Employment office. Target group is unemployed and imminent unemployed people who are planning to establish company ot their own. Course is primarily for people living in Helsinki. Also immigrants can apply, but fluent Finnish is needed.
Application to courses is through employment office.  
You can also apply by internet in koulutukset.mol.fi/ -webpages. Course number is 573424. Some explanation is needed to supply why applicant is interested in the course and what kind of  the business idea he/she have been contemplating. Further information about applying and benefits during the course from employment office or Jobline tel. 0203 66066.
First check is made together with the employment office. Rest of the applicants are interviewed in NYP. The preference is given to those who benefit most of the course and who have a solid business idea. Courses are held in Finnish, so fluent knowledge of Finnish language is required.
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COURSE PROGRAM:                                          

Course is held during weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm in NYP's classroom in Ilmala. After the theory part participants can concentrate in establishing their own business. They can use business advisors help, e.g. in applying for Start up -money (grants employment office) or bank loans.

  • basic concepts of adult education
  • business idea, product development, business plan
  • market research, marketing plan
  • personal sales skills
  • financial matters, production and sales volumes
  • taxation, VAT
  • everyday routines of a small company
  • legal issues 
  • strategic planning
  • public speaking, communication skills
  • controlling time schedules, risk management
  • business plan (written & presentation)
  • establishment procedures

Course lecturers are both hired experts in their own area and NYP's own business advisors. Also many visitors come to present their own operations e.g.from different entrepreneur organisations, unemployment benefit societies, customs, banks and insurance companies.    
At the end of the course participants present their business plans and also hand in a written version of the plan for evaluation. 
During the course every participant has his/her own business advisor, with whom thorough calculations of production, sales volumes etc. are made to evaluate their business idea's profitablity. You can confidentially turn to your own advisor also after the course when needed.
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Wise as an owl....?!

NYP Business Services' Basic course
in entrepreneurship offers you unique opportunity
if you want to start your own business!

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Updated 17.01.2005