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The mat itself is hefty weight with a lot of nubs on the bottom aspect to prevent sliding. Recommend and the price is much better for the truck bed extender than the manufacturers website by a great deal! Thanks, thank you! Dee Zee is simply extremely deceptive using the description. I love it! It match Ok. Simple to install, overall great product. Lately a customer left her laptop computer on my tailgate and I left her house with out realizing; I acquired home (fifteen minute ride, curvy backroads) and also the laptop was still there around the tailgate mat. Purchase with confidence. Dee Zee 86975 Tailgate Mat I love this product because it covers the floor exactly where most of the cargo is saved. It match the bed of my pick-up completely. Would recommend this to anybody who likes to keep their truck looking great. The truck bed extender is only what I needed to maintain items from sliding about in the cargo area and the fit was perfect.

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