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When we talk about Facebook games, it is hard not to talk about Farmville. It is a virtual farm that you own and you’re provided with land that you have to tile and plant seeds. As you advance through levels there are various kinds of seeds that you can purchase; there are fruit bearing trees that can be planted as well.

The fruits are then collected after a day or depending on the time they will take to ripe. Farm animals can also be purchased which produce milk, wool and hairs which can also be sold. It is a very interesting game, and also helps you learn the ropes of a real farm. In this game you can visit your friend’s farms and help them in harvesting or collecting produce from their animals or trees. You can also grow flowers and make bouquets out of them and sell them. The farm also has to be decorated according to the season, and various kinds of occasions.

In Cagayan de Oro City, one of the most common vehicles you would see in the roads is the motorcycles. The use of motorcycles has been prevalent as it is not only smaller and thus easier to carry, but is also cheaper when it comes to the amount of fuel used. Hence, people, for practicality’s sake, tend to lean towards buying motorcycles than cars. Unfortunately, there are several downsides to choosing a motorcycle. One would be that it provides less protection for the rider, and that it is impractical to use when raining. But overall, the benefits of a motorcycle can outweigh its disadvantages considering that it is also easier to repair, hence, less costly to maintain, and is more flexible in traffic. Accordingly, many brands of motorcycles fill the city. Some of which are Triumph, Harley-Davidson, and Honda motorcycles. Personally, Honda seems to be the most well-known among the three, offering not only a vast line-up of stylish machines, but of motorcycles of superior quality as well. Hence, if you want your own, there are undoubtedly numerous Honda motorcycles for sale around the city.