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I remember when I first learn how to ride a bike, I was in grade school when my brother taught me to ride out of the fields. I fell off several times and collected bruises and scars before finally found myself having the right balance that provides confident ride. After which, I dared to try out basic bike tricks which include sliding and bunny hops. I just limit myself with tricks that I think were more attainable to perform not to fully disheartened and hurt my ego. Knowing your limitations and skills should always be the top priority in determining which tricks to learn. I know most of you will definitely agree; same goes with snowboarding activity, as a beginner you will get bruises, knocks, scrapes and bumps that can hurt more than your ego after every failure. But just like the old saying goes, “practice and determination” makes it perfect, or “try and try until you succeed” gives us willingness to unleash our potential and faith in ourselves.

Like any other sport, snowboarding requires identifying your strength and weaknesses that can make you understand your limitations and successfully pulled off simple to advance snowboard tricks. We can make the most use out of our snowboards as we continue to make a progress and showcase different snowboarding tricks. Having the right gear contributes on making or breaking our outdoor activity, so be sure to wear protective gears, the right boots, snowboard bindings and other accessories that can fully support your riding techniques and can prevent us from any possible accidents. I personally suggest seeking professional lessons for beginners. In that way, you will be able to acquire and understand a good basis of boarding knowledge before you actually explore your riding capabilities. Nothing beats having the expert’s advice and guidance right the first time to know the basics.

If you enjoy skiing and other extreme winter sports, you should find a good perisher accommodation. Too many people plan a relaxing vacation and end up getting bored or regretting they were not more active. You can spend a fun and relaxing vacation in a Perisher accommodation. Make sure you plan ahead of time so you get the accommodation you like best. Find out about prices in advance so you can start saving money for your holiday. You will also have the time to talk your friends and family into coming with you – and perhaps paying for part of the trip. You will be able to share fun moments and create the memories of a lifetime together, while becoming a better skier. This could also be the opportunity to learn a new sport or teach your friends what you know. You will come back from your vacation relaxed and ready to focus on the important things in your life.

A friend of mine who lives out in Chicago is a biking enthusiast. Not only is it something she does for fun, but she actually uses it as her main mode of transportation. She uses subways and buses when necessary due to weather, but she pretty much bikes everywhere all of the time. I mean, she was actually biking in several feet of snow last winter. The streets were only partially cleared at the time. Anyway, she has to pass a school on her way to work everyday. The parents dropping their kids off are usually careless, in a hurry or both. She’s almost been knocked off her bike several times, but last week she actually was in a collision with an SUV. She was fine, fortunately, but her bike had several issues. She found a great Chicago bicycle shop that not only fixed her bike back into tip top shape, but didn’t charge her an arm and a leg.

Citrus Heights, CA Laundry ShopI really did not plan on going to the mall the other day. It was just that my mom had sent me to go buy some things at the grocery and also pass by the laundry shop to pick up her dry cleaning. Of course, since I was at the mall anyway, I had to drop by my favorite shop that sold longboards.

And guess who I found there? My wild friend Robert. He was checking out some longboards there as well. When I walked over to him and asked him what he was looking for, he smiled and told me that he was upgrading his longboard to a much better brand.

It turns out that working at the local grocery over the winter really turned out to be quite lucrative for him. After dreaming of getting a fancy longboard for the longest time, Robert has finally saved up the money to get one.

This has inspired me so this summer I am going to go look for a job so I can buy a new board as well.