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Money is no longer the only form of payment these days. In fact, there are a couple of alternative trade items that people are using to purchase things such as the credit or debit card, an electronic check or a gift card. One of the most popular choices of payments these days are the credit cards because it gives the people the luxury to buy items while they are waiting for the money from their pay checks. It’s like having a friend to lend you money but only better because you get to borrow cash to buy items like a new cellular phone, a tablet, laptop and even a car. So being able to process payments using this option can actually do well to your venture. If you are interested about them, you can try checking out a merchant account which is offered by different banks. These accounts will handle all the transactions that you have made throughout the day. All you would need to do is to swipe your customer’s card and let the bank do the rest for you.