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When I was a kid, a calm afternoon or evening amounted to grabbing one of your good children’s books, walking down the lane to your favorite spot by the creek, and spending a couple hours reading and enjoying nature. Nowadays it seems that every chance they get, the only thing kids want to do is attached to a power cord. Does it seem like nature, reading, reflecting, and deep thinking is a thing of the past? How can a kid think if there is music being pumped straight into their ears, a remote control or game stick tightly held in their fingers, and megabytes of electronic entertainment being fed into their brains at the speed of light? There is no room for personal reflection, imagination, ambition, or any other creative thinking. What’s a parent to do?

You might start by putting strict limits on their electronic time. I know a family who had relatives come to visit them who had never been to their house before. The children went outside to play and the visitors had no idea what to do out there. They had never played outside in the sunshine and fresh air. How sad. Kids need that. Give them some things like books and nature, and let some creativity spring forth.

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