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SMS is short for Short Messaging Service. The Short Messaging Service enables you to send small messages over the phone to any of your contacts. While many are automatically wired to the English language you can also write in any other language of your choice and still be able to send your message. SMS is quite cheap as compared to calling since one sms can contain a lot of information but it will still be sent for the price of one. Many service providers, due to the popularity of the sms, provide offers to enable you to send even more messages even more cheaply- thus encouraging customer loyalty. With the advent of the Android operating system you can now have a different experience with sms that is provided by the multiple applications available. No doubt, sms is the way to go with communicating over the phone-it is the in-thing today.

India is the country with largest population in the world. With this kind of population, it harbors individuals who have different myths on the culture as way as way of life of the Indian people. India mythological jokes are very comical and funny. The jokes playa very important roles in making individuals appreciate one another, their culture and where they come from. The jokes act as way of uniting as well as appreciating individuals and this has been instrumental for the over whelming popularity it continues to receive across the globe. Indian mythological stories are very funny and have been instrumental in making individuals momentarily forget about their problems. Their humor and ability to make individuals momentarily forget their problem is has made them to gain international recognition across the globe. The jokes play a very important role in breaking the monotony of boredom and this has been instrumental in making individuals feel great. Telling a friend who is sad these jokes serves to brighten them and to make them realize that they are loved and appreciated.