NYP Business Services

In business counselling our advisor evaluates together with the customer his/hers business idea and its feasibility. Different sections of consultation are discussed according to customer's situation and needs.
Counselling does not include writing any documents or other written material on behalf of the customer.
Discussions with the advisors are always confidential! 

Profits to the roof!

If you have been thinking about starting your own business, make an appointment to business counselling tel. 7312 2175.
Before consultation it is good to write down some of your business plans!!
Order introductory material
ATT. Counselling can be given in English, but if you consider establishing your firm in Finland, you're surely going to need
fluent knowledge of Finnish language!

1. Basic analyses of
customer and his/hers business idea

2. Business idea, products, quality criteria 
- customer is directed to further develop and work over his/hers idea, and to turn idea into products/services 
and to analyze their quality criteria

3. Market research
- customer is directed to make market research of potential markets and competing products/services in the market area, in which he/she plans to operate

4. Financial plan, calculations
basic facts about company financial plan incl. funding, liquidity and control of cash flow
- detailed calculation analyses of sales budget, profitability etc.
(Start up-money/Finnvera-/bank loan applications)

5. Marketing 
discuss customer's marketing plan, advertising and 
other marketing methods 
- discuss customer's abilities to negotiate and 
personal sales skills

6. Management
- discuss basic legal issues and contracts of a small company
- discuss arranging bookkeeping, budgeting, taxation, insurance, money transactions and funding possibilities

7. Business Plan
- all previous sections 2-6 put together 
as a detailed plan of action (customer does himself/herself)

8. Establishment procedures
- discuss choosing the right legal form of company, establishment documents, 
 possible Start up-money and/or loan applications,
also personal plans for future progress